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How amazing it is that, as women, we are blessed with diverse hormones, intuitive tools, and especially those witty and smart ones that allow us to manage and channel so many tasks that can be done simultaneously. What the universe demands for us is to continue to do so, for a lifetime!

After all, most of us run several worlds at the same time. Developing different careers for ourselves, educating ourselves about the things that are important to us or promoting us, managing in one way or another a whole household, cultivating couples, or working together with them. Sooner or later, we will all raise children to become the center of our lives, and in the midst of all this madness, it is important to remember that we also maintain a peaceful home life with a strong and healthy relationship, maintaining the health of ourselves and our family. Try to cultivate a life of equal style, and loyalty to each other, and work to maintain our relationships with ourselves.
I believe that if time could be purchased – there is no woman who wouldn’t stand in line, and of course sign up for the newsletter to know when a new time can be purchased next!
It’s true, I didn’t discover America in my own way.
But let me stop for a second and tell us all – You are amazing!

Whenever I’m a little weakened physically, mentally, or even mindfully I remind myself, first of all, that I’m a woman!
And, as we’ve already concluded, women are sort of like magicians – about time.. Who can do almost anything if we just decide to take out our magic wand and use it wisely. And just about this specific wiseman, is who I want to talk to you about!

Each of us holds her soul to a magic wand – Each wand is completely different from another…
And that is one of the reasons that makes each of us a hero in her own way.
Our magic wand is made of those fine hormones that exist only in the female body. For those who work from the heart:
Wow … as much as we love to listen to our hearts … to explore and analyze his feelings and to listen to his beats while following him usually at all costs. And if there I am contemplating, it is likely to find the answer in a hurry and to find the best one. The heart-wrenching feeling will open at lightning speed and discuss them until midnight or in the morning.

There is always compassion and compassion for weak people, or pain in the pain of others.
And we will always have the urge to save the world from monsters and demons 🙂

Work from the abdomen:
Female intuition is a tool among the most witty and powerful of our lives.
Personally, I have always been listening to my heart and gut feelings, and to this day, listening has proved worthwhile and correct.
That feeling…. That we know something based on (fucking nothing) and it’s really nothing, but we are so confident in ourselves.
“The woman is always right” – so yes it sits right there. Our ability to feel from the stomach is a kind of divine gift. How many times in our daily lives do we begin a sentence in “I feel that …….” But not necessarily knowing or managing to explain simply – why? because! Because it’s just an inner feeling that wins every time.
Most times we will know how to listen to our partner’s heart. Even if he doesn’t say a word, if it hurts, our child-like self is smart enough to look at him and understand that something is wrong. If we have an important or faithful decision, there is no way we will not feel it in our stomach for a second, even to check her opinion on the matter.

Work from the head:
To act from the head is a tremendous ability… that we don’t always enjoy very much right? Because the head usually reminds us of what we “should” do but don’t necessarily want to do. We store in it countless information, data and information, our own and others’ assignments, stories, and experiences/moments.
And this whole complex manages us whether we want it or not.
My beloved (future) always says “that the head is not in the place of the whole body” which is true! Because we know that if the head is out of place, there is a situation that we find ourselves in “chaos” – “drama” – “crises” – we won’t meet times, we will neglect critical things in a career, not reach projects, or finish projects on time and, as we wish.. forget about washing the machine. Or the pot on the gas.. We will not remember the date with a boyfriend or husband’s appointment to the doctor, while on the way we lose our phone charger \ bundle of keys \ sunglasses \ or anything else annoying to lose! Sounds like a world war, right?
So how lucky we are most of the time we’re with our heads in place, working on it and taking care of it.

Emotional intelligence:
Well listen to me! Because emotional intelligence is an amazing trait females, and we all need to use it or develop, we usually use it to conduct high-level discourse with close people, or even acquaintances.
It helps us to listen to the heart and stomach at the same time, and allows us to phrase our words exactly to the situation we are in. It will help us make decisions, and solve problems for us overall.

Field Goals:
In our basic essence we are a kind of love fairy. We believe in people, believe in life full of laughter and joy, and always try to look at the half glass full.
But (!) – the day (god forbid) one of our loved ones gets distressed, or gets hurt by the environment, we become lions and choose to go to war. Even if the price is heavy or alternatively comes at our expense.

The need to be loved and needed:
I’m frantically picking us up, right? But we all know we have a strong need to feel especially loved by the man of our lives, and to be needed in all our fields. We can complain for hours and days that the universe requires us to manage our attentions accordingly and that we are overloaded. That we always need something, some cannot hear our name more than 3 times a day, and mothers of our sons are tired of hearing “Mommmmmmmmm” ! We arrive at the end of the day impatiently for the phone calls, and the fantasy of freedom and quiet, to sit foot on foot by the sea, while shopping is perpetual! But you can’t, without it all. Without the need of the world in our existence.

Love and Sexuality:
When you think about it, even in bed we need to know how to manage our attention exceptionally.
Forgive me in advance for the blatant remarks, yes.. But with us this is not a muscle that is slow or growing fast and in the end explodes happily! We are both delightful and happy, 2 simultaneous actions that require us to concentrate and gather phenomenally to our mysterious sensations, while also listening to our partner’s body language. Because that’s how we are 🙂
Running several operations at the same time, with the demand from the universe for us to do so for a lifetime!

So the big conclusion is this:
We are not (!) A kind of magician – we are the first magician in the entire history of humanity.
There is nothing we cannot do – the truth is that there is something we choose not to want to do.
All that remains to be done for what is about to happen – is to take out our magic wand whatever it may be:
From the heart, the stomach and the head … immersed in emotional intelligence, animal instincts, sexuality, passion and great love. We are so lucky we run the world .. even if it’s behind the scenes!
They may be the head, but we’re totally the neck.

I unequivocally take advantage of the writing and muse opportunity that came into on my current life to say to all the women in my life:
My clients, my followers, my mother, and mother-in-law, my aunts, and sisters-in-law, my boss, my dear friends, whom I love and admire for being women in the kingdom. Because we are all alive!
And thanks to my lover, who allows me to be the best version of Her Excellency – the woman.

Dear readers,
Use the magic wand.



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