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 When Sahar and I decided to fulfill ourselves, and start doing what we love, we were very excited. The decision making was relatively instant, we flew to America on an incredible trip, and when we returned to Israel, we made the final decision.

  1. I want to design clothes that I love, start a blog, and write about anything that comes to mind, while contributing my knowledge of fashion and styling. 

2. Sahar wants to initiate, this time something big that he strongly believes/will invest in.

 Sounds fun right?
Today we are three years after this decision, and nine months with our growing business. Just like any business, the first year is always the hardest.Shifting from being a self-employed worker is not always easy, because your whole approach to work and life changes.Your priorities are reversed and suddenly you find yourself working 24/7. When you’re hired somewhere else, you work limited hours (8/9/10) It didn’t really matter as long as you knew when you start a shift, and when it ends.Your head is constantly thinking about the business, even when you’re not really “working.” When you’re with friends, going out to restaurants, traveling the world, laying on the beach – even when you’re sleeping. It even happens when I decide today you I’m not working, Your head always keeps working.
 In conclusion- Doing what you love isn’t always easy, but always, and even today, my opinion is: No matter how hard you succeed in what you love, and no matter how long and exhausting the process, it’s always better than engaging in what you don’t like.
 I have adopted methods (and continue to learn new ones every day) How I develop my business, and continue to do what I love, and not give up on days that are sometimes more difficult. 

 Patience – I admit, I am the most impatient person in the world.I don’t like waiting for things to happen, and if I want something, I want it here and now. My impatience is at a level that I prefer to do everything myself, because it is the only way I know it will happen ASAP.  And honestly, it annoys and frustrates me when I find myself waiting without any option of getting what I want in that moment. Since opening our business, I’ve found that I have to learn to be patient,As hard as it is, there are things that I have no control over, and there is no choice; I just have to accept it. And every time I become impatient, I take a deep breath, count to 10, and start working on something completely different. Just distracting my thoughts on other topics. Usually it’s related to how I want or need to promote my business. I realized that in order to deal with my impatience, I just had to invest everything I have from myself in something positive. I trained myself to not think about what makes me uncomfortable – which is impatience.

 Composure – No one in the world taught us independence, how to start a business, and certainly not how to succeed in what you love. There is no mathematical formula. Even the greatest businessman in the world cannot teach us how he succeeded, he can only tell us his success stories, and we will choose what we choose to learn from these experiences. Let’s try to remember the mistakes he probably had along the way. Hoping these mistakes would never repeat. But wait, who said we wouldn’t/can’t have our own mistakes? In conclusion – We always make mistakes. The truth is … I was never afraid to make mistakes, even before the business, I always knew that mistakes were a  learning process. That even if I made a really big mistake I would trust myself enough to find a way to fix it, or deal with its consequences in a positive way.  My weakness – is that too often, a mistake can turn into a failure for me. And that’s another story altogether. Feeling a failure can get me feeling down, and in one second I sink into a million questions – How did I make such a mistake?  Why didn’t I think otherwise?  What do people think of me now? Why didn’t I explore the subject in more depth?  And let’s say it’s a really big mistake… I can also find myself asking questions like: Why did I get into it?  What is so urgent about becoming independent?  And why do you always have to run after the fulfillment of your dreams even when you are told, you say, and you feel that it is extremely difficult.  (These are examples of extreme cases) Needless to say, this is a weird feeling right? Especially with yourself.After some of these “failures” during my journey, I decided that I had to make a choice and look at them differently. I looked back at the “failures” I had in life and chose to see them as a milestone in the journey to my success.  After all, any failure I had in my childhood, high school, military service made me what I am today.  And I’m pretty happy with who I am today 🙂 But that decision still didn’t help me get out the “failure” feelings when I was actually sulking in it, and I had to develop a method for dealing with this feeling itself when it was in full action. The method I found for myself is a lot of calmness.  Yes friends, Most of the big business people we meet are cool, right? Today I realize that they were not born like this, it was life experiences that made them such.
 Anyway….  If I used to do anything about dramatic situations, today I just started not giving everyone the choice to be dramatic or lots of attention at all. I realize there is currently something I did wrong, otherwise it was not a failure for me, I am investigating it, so I won’t make the same mistake again, and in the same second just investing my thoughts and time into something new, making myself A NEW PERSON. Friends, I realized that this was a cool trait, which everyone always aspired to have. 

 Faith – Well we have all reached the title of friends now! Throughout my life as an independent person, I realized that faith was the most important thing to keep at hand.  Our belief in ourselves, and it is the belief in our business. At the end of the day we are our business, and our business is us. Think about it, what made me want to be a stylist?  Believing that there are people who love my style. What made me want to be a fashion designer? Believing that my designs are good and necessary in the fashion industry. What made me take this step and start a business? The belief that I can succeed. Which means that without faith, nothing would have happened.  Faith is the core of what we want to do, belief in our product, in our service or capabilities, and in my case is the core of my art, my business name. What makes me write to you includes faith and it is our daily job. How do I do it? Every day reminds me that my art is a special necessity in the world.  I find very clear ways to feel the belief in my whole body, I build inspiration boards that turn into sketches, that make designs, that become part of my business. I build compilations that become my art and it goes into my portfolio of works that become my business. I write, lots and lots, and lots to you and myself, to talk constantly about the art itself and what I feel. Bottom line – I don’t stop creating what I love,Because those are exactly the moments that made me believe in myself, and start my own business.
 A strong belief can make us everything we decide to be (for better or worse) If others don’t believe you, but it is important that you believe in yourself, and that’s enough!
 I’m not looking for the whole world to fall in love with Ariel’s art, nor do I fear being different. I focus on concentrating and investing all my energy in any work that is mine,And that is how the belief in my business keeps happening every day.

 My business is the place where I invest 100% of my time and energy. It is more important to me than anything else! Every day I learn something new about myself and ways to do things. 
 What do you think of the methods I developed for myself? If you have any other methods, I would love to share them right here in the comments below 🙂
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