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One of the reasons why I really love to create a compilation is that they are like an inspirational board for me. For every piece I want to create, the best part is that they finally become a real item for me.

 For starters, I will decide on at least one repetitive motive/theme in one series of a compilation, in the pictures below you will see that the repetitive theme is not the items, it is the color – gold!  I really like to photograph showing the glowing colors (gold, silver, rose gold, glitter) because they always give a glamorous look for the series. These are photographed in a stunning way and mostly give me a chic look that I die for! 
 After I choose the repeated theme, no matter what it is, I will start picking up all the items I want to take for myself. It can be anything, as long as the items chosen belong to the same content/theme, and that they are visually matched overall.  A tip from me – if you want a good series, think first about a topic – “content/subject” and then look for the right items. It will help you not to get confused and be very focused through this process.  Very important – don’t hesitate to collect as many items as possible to inspire you. It teaches you how to work with each item’s location. Worst case, you can always decide what is not good, or add to your items, or just give it up. But as a start – it is always better to work out of abundance, rather than downsizing.
 So how do I proceed?
 This time I chose to work with CR Magazine which I love very much!  Both because the story behind it is extremely inspiring (maybe one day I will write a post about his story) and also because it always has fashion productions that I love so much. It contains color ideas and fascinating content from all over the world. 
 Pointed heels white/black I admit – heels are one of my biggest obsessions. I love the noise they make and the overall attitude. That is why I will always always add them in at least one set of mine.
 Golden Accessories – After collecting a lot of golden jewelry as a backdrop to my series of compilations, I choose the ones that really work best for me. This time I chose those relatively large jewelry.  Golden and massive necklaces, another gentle gold necklace, and another two round earrings. Also one black and one leopard, both with gold touches, I really liked the way they fit together in the frame and also because the round earrings are very sexy in my eyes. (What do you think?) 

 After deciding on the main composition items, I think about what background I want them to have. It is very important that if you are photographing a series of compositions, then throughout it you should go for similar (bright / dark) backgrounds. This time I shot on my couch, it is made of velvet (I already said I am obsessed with velvet right?) And it is cream colored, because it is a velvet cream, it has a glowing appearance that is very suitable for black and white gold and these are the main colors of the items I chose for the compositions. I used the backdrop that I decided to photograph all the items I collected, and start dividing them into different series, what fits with what? And making sure the same items aren’t used twice in the same series, what does that mean?  This means that I will not photograph 2 large gold chains in the same compilation, so I know how to photograph them from the right angle and make their integration into the main content.
 A tip from me – Don’t look for straight lines, or a neat look. Follow your heart, place the items you like best, and don’t be afraid! Like heels fallen over?  Shoes lying down?  Messy necklaces? You will be surprised to find that many times the compilation comes out very original and very special when you are not afraid to play with the items.
 When my compilations are ready I start playing with the camera, Don’t worry if suddenly through the lens everything looks different – it happens to us all for the simple reason that it looks different behind any lens. Its big, that’s why I told you to pick up as many items as you can. Unfortunately, suddenly you may find that an awful item you wanted to photograph, and even the one that inspired you, does not work in the frame, does not shoot well or you simply didn’t envision it, so you can change the frame and add something else instead. Always pick up a camera to look through the lens and check that it works as well as you originally wanted.
 Compilations are one of the most fun things to do, They also create a visual world and allow me to create art. In one way or another, many of my compositions at the end became a new design, and many of them a new monologue. What they always do – it gives power to a new creation.
 What do you think of my compilations? If you have similar composition design tips I would love to have you share them right here in the comments below

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